paiva suomi!

anyone speak english here?

w. pulkkinen


you finnish?

yes he is


Me too!

good, a regular group of finns, are you from finland or north america? tonight, i am making my first dish of mojaka, i hope i spelled that correctly, and also, salt fish with salmon you have a sauna in your place? this is about as finnish i get, of course, except the drinking and the dancing... : )

Yes, I live in Helsinki.

what do you train oscar? what type of grappling? do you compete much?

From Tampere, Finland

I train BJJ here in Helsinki with Alliance Helsinki. I compete when I have the possibility and energy to do so.

yeah, i was going to visit my friend in oulu, but we never made the plans yet, and now i have young kids and it is hard to go..hopefully i can set this up again..

one of the lines in my family comes from you know where that is? and the other family, pulkkinen, i am not actually sure where they come from, i just here it is north...

i have done judo and wrestling for a long time, and was quite active in competition, now i still teach judo and practice bjj and aikijujitsu and jjj with boxing...