Super Brawl Result Correction

In the Andre Roberts, Ruben Villareal match. Judges scoredcards read 29-29, 29-29, 29-28 Ruben "Warpath" Villareal. The ring announcer mistakenly announced Villareal as the winner when in fact the correct result was a majority draw.

Andre Roberts' record is now 15-1-1

Former Gladiator Challenge Champion, Ruben Villareal's record is now 6-4-1

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This is indeed HUGE news, albeit not as big or sad as the news of your top draw MAYHEM not fighting :(.

Agreed that the ticket selling monster, "mayhem's" injury was devastating to our organization.

Hopefully he recovers alright so he can continue to sellout Superbrawl shows.



Hey tj, just wanted to say it was a great card and an awesome show.

T.J., Is it True Monte said you forgot to number your tables and seats. i would have expected more from a veteran. lol (the only reason i'm going into business with monte is because he knows how to number seats.

why didn't Andre fight Vince Lucero? I know Vince did not pull out. TTT for the truth. Andre ducked Vince!

Tell Monte to get a few more shows under his belt before he starts criticising my skills!

now watch Monte try and make fun of my Massachusetts education

"T.Jay Thompson is the best thing to happen to mma since Phil Baroni, imo"

LMFAO at Phil Baroni being good for MMA

"The scoring error was not T.Jay's fault."

Well, there you have it. It must be true because T.Jay would certainly not show any bias towards T.Jay. LOL

LOL... I'm still in Hawaii and used T.Jay's computer... thought I had signed on as me.

The scoring error was not T.Jay's fault. The numbers were really high... in the 20s... and the Massachusetts schools system did not prepare him for advanced math!
Glad the third-grade girl sitting ringside was able to figure out the mistake and get it corrected.

On the Lucero situation... I decided not to take that fight because Andre was still nursing a knee injury that he had surgery on 3 weeks before the show. That was out of respect for Lucero, whose style I felt would cause huge problems for Andre.

That makes much more sense now LOL