Super Ferry whats the problem?

I would think local bussiness would suppor the super ferry because more local people would travel to outerislands and eat at local places.

The only people it hurts are big bussiness like rentacar companies and Hawaiian airlines.

everybody but the hippies support the ferry. wtf

671 suggests they tie a dead horse to the back and toe it from island to island so when the objectors paddle out, they get to meet w/ the cute dolphins that follow dead rotting horses around the ocean.

Horses or Micros

i support the superferry... and all the normal ferries running around as well...
do we allow same sex domestic partnerships in this state yet?...

oh... waitaminute...

don't even wanna know where that one came from raze. whoa...

Me too, I totally support the fairies. If they wanna take it in the ass, who am I to say that its wrong?

As for towing the micros in the back of the superferry...brilliant.

In fact, they should make a deal where they will take the micros on an all expense paid, one way trip to Kauai and leave em there to piss off the protesters.

Damn tree huggers!

You know i totally supported the super ferry until i heard others complaints about it. I totally agree with it from a business standpoint but because i am on an outer island I realize that the super ferry would really affect my life style.

Theres good fishing and hunting here, and I can go almost any day and know that i will if not get something at least see it. I know people in Oahu that already have plans to load up there SUV's come to Big Isle and "clean house"... and you know what they can, cause honestly there is a bigger population there and obviously a larger number of good hunters/fisherman. Then they are going to take whatever they catch from here and sell it in Oahu for higher prices. Outer islanders cant compete with that.

There is also camping issues, gathering flowers, opihi, rocks for luaus, and so on.

Only one of these things probably wouldnt be an issue, but add them all up...

I am not saying I dont support the super ferry, I am not saying that people from Oahu shouldnt be able to come to Outer Islands and enjoy some of the things that Oahu no longer has to offer. What I AM saying is that none of these things were taken into consideration before the state gave the super ferry promises and millions of tax dollars in support of it.

Bottom line: The state dropped the ball. Someone is going to get fucked over

People can still ship river stones and what not right now. It just will be a little harder.

need to easily set regs on ferry transport materials and restrict those items.

let me administer death penalty to those that break.


maybe not, but fun.

i seriously lmao at people saying whales are gonna get ran over..

whales are good eating. like salty steak. seriously.

I support the super ferry. I heard on Perry and Price one morning that they tracked down a Super Ferry antagonist, who signed the petition against it, and found out that they were not even residents of Hawaii but Pennsylvania. Lot of people who want to be rebels but don't reeeeally want to be rebels. Stupid thing to fight for in my opinion.

I'm guessing the Ferry will still continue service. Too much money involved.

^^good idea!

IMO . the ferry's a good thing, but Majority of the people on Kauai protesting the ferry is Haoles who just moved from the Maindland saying "Stay off our island" . i relly hate that , maindland people who move here and think they have some stake here in the Island. God damm gronolas


KT hit the nail on the head. Bunch of knuckle head haoles that just moved there trying for get all sovereign and shit.

The islands economy "survived" after costco came to town so I think the ferry will be a positive thing.

I was just told a story of some surfer out in hanalei bay sending in one of my best friends, friend who was kayaking. When my friend asked him wtf was it he said was some fat haole guy... lmao times have changed.

i want to troll behind it. seriously. :)

Didnt they circumvent the environmental impact study? If they get that and show that it won't hurt the environment then i'm all for it.