SuperBrawl 35 Web Cast question

Normally I should create this thread on UG not Enson's forum,but I think UGers in Enson's forum answer my question more seriously than ones in UG.

I thought to watch the web cast of SuperBrawl 35,but I have to sign up for the payment system "Paypal" to watch it.

I'm not an American,so I didn't know Paypal.I asked a friend of mine in the U.S. it,but he didn't know it.

Is Paypal secure?How about its reputation in the U.S?

paypal is widely used and i have had no problems as of yet (knock on wood). it kinda acts as an intermediary between you the purchaser, and whoever you are giving money to. I remember there were a few issues regarding payapal

Thank you matoki for the reply.Your opinion is very helpful to me.I will decide whether I sign up for it or not after a moment's consideration.