Superfight or Absolute Bracket?

I'm involved with putting together the first open submission tourney in our area (actually the entire state) and the other organizers and I are trying to gather a little bit more info on what elements competitors want to see. Most specifically, would you rather see a superfight with a couple of bigname fighters or a $1000 prize for Advanced Absolute division champion?

I am on the side of having the prize money for the advanced absolute winner. Largely because I can see some instructors, who would compete for the cash, bringing their students and by doing so increasing the overall participation rate and making it more likely that we'll do this again.

Any opinions, ideas, etc would be greatly appreciated.


If it's your first tournament, I recommend an absolute bracket.
The important thing is to invite fighters from local schools, or
schools that are likely to bring a lot of competitors to your event.

Do an invite absolute, and then allow the winners of your advanced brackets to earn a spot in it..This brings in names and also gives guys univited reason to enter your divisions..


and thanks to bot guys so far.