Supplement timing question

My order of NOX-CG3 arrived today and I am wondering if I should take it in the morning before lifting weights or in the afternoon or evening after either BJJ or MT? Or both?

right before (like 10 mins before) lifting weights and after lifting weights (you got about 30 mins to get one in ya) are the important times. while you're workin out your muscles become basically a sponge so they're absorbing madddd protein.

I have to say,I have used quite a bit of the L-Arginine,L-Glutamine supplements before,didnt have much results,decided to try the NOX-CG3.I feel like my muscles are swelling up when I use it,and it seemed to give me energy before BJJ Class.

info has gotten slapped by the correct....i wish i would have bought anything but my noxplode

It says 2 scoopes before workout. Should I take 1 before and 1 after?

before. the pump is most beneficial during your workout, not after