Support Herb Dean!!!

I actually thought Herb's stoppage tonight was particularly impressive. Cro Cop was obviously out and Herb's reaction was exceptionally quick.

Everyone always criticizes these guys when they mess up but tonight I think Herb did a great job.

Credit where credit is due!



I'm with Herb. He catches too much shit on the UG.

TTT for Herb!!!

Anyone got the gif of Herb slaping his own face at seeing Cro cops leg? I agree though he was awesome!

Herb is a GREAT ref and cool person!

"I dont see why he gets ripped on so much."

Well, one reason is that he is either borderline retarded or completely corrupt, as that standup was total bullshit.

I'm a fan

Herb is clearly one of the best ref's in MMA.

ROFL@"he is either borderline retarded or completely corrupt, as that standup was total bullshit."

I honestly doubt you will hear Gonzaga complaining...

"I honestly doubt you will hear Gonzaga complaining..."

Dean being too incompetent to properly carry out his sabotage doesn't make it any better.

Herb Dean reacting immidiatelly after them most unexpected thing happened defintally deserves prize.

I like that he threatened AA/Werdum with a point deduction for stalling. Too bad it didn't help...


I actually thought the stand-up call dean made was horrible when gonzaga was actively working the elbows against the cage. of course you won't hear any complaints because gonzaga ended up winning the fight, but had the fight gone the other way w/ a devastating KO delivery from crocop, that easily could've been a factor due to the premature standup call

Bad ref.  Too many bad calls.  How can people say he is the best in the business when he has reffed over numerous bad calls?

People are just saying he is "the best in the business" because they see him everywhere.  "He refs in the UFC so he must be good!"   However, I'm sure he is a nice guy.

That stand-up tonight was totally unecessary. Crocop was losing, Gonzaga was working - yet Herb stands them up.  As I said before, perhaps he was under pressure from Dana to protect the UFC's investment.  Crocop was the investment and he was supposed to win the fight standing.

  1. His quick reaction to the ko was impressive.

  2. The standup just before the ko was one of the WORST calls i've ever seen. I was so mad at that bullshit call that I barely noticed the high kick.

For the record I was hoping Cro Cop would win.

Yes, his reaction was good.