Support Loca MMA

Hey everyone,


My name is Chris Larkin, I'm a long time UG member and the owner of the Ohio Fighting Championship. I am putting on my 21st MMA event this Saturday and would like the UG's support on my 1st ever IPPV event.  I'm also looking into hosting a UG GRand Prix. If this IPPV does well I will be able to convince my business partner to host one. This is a Pro/Am event with 16 fights scheduled.  It's only $15 dollars to order and would mean a lot to have th UG's support. I've been a part of this sport for the last 14 years. I don't make any money doing this but it's something that I love.  You can go my website to order the IPPV.


If any one would be interested in being part of a UG Grand Prix, Please let me know wheter you would want to fight or sponsor it.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Chris Larkin