Survey for Hardcore MMA Fans

Ok guys, this is a survey for all hardcore MMA Fans. This survey has already been successfully spread to every major MMA forum on the net except for the UG. So far there have been over 3,000 respondants, including some professional fighters and MMA personalities.

The purpose of this survery to take a general consensus of the entire hardcore MMA community, covering issues pertaining to PRIDE vs UFC and other issues as well. Full results to the survey will be posted up once the survey is finished.(Approximately two weeks)

The survey will take you about 5 minutes to complete. If you have the time to spare, please complete it.

Please click

  • HERE
  • to take part in the survey.

    If taken to a Thank You page, the survey has been successfully completed. The survey is also IP blocked so don't bother trying to cheat.

    Thank you to everyone. It's going to be very interesting to see what the collective MMA community thinks.


    I've tried twice now and half way through the survey it pops me back to the main Canada forum splash page.


    Maybe I'm not as hardcore of a fan for it....


    Done and Done

    Third time's a charm :)

    agreed, a few ambiguous options there.
    especially the rules, I like and dislike rules in both orgs and consider them a wash.

    still pretty good, and I did it by if I had to get rid of one, which one would I rather have left.

    p.s. keep making those HL vids Robby!



    When can we see the results?

    Some of those questions were hard to answer.

    Silva vs Liddell?

    Tough one



    It's not hard to see the survey makers preference for answers. You'll have to design a survey that doesn't lead the taker to the answer you want to see.