Survivor producer teams w/EliteXC

Move over TUF, here comes EliteXC. Earlier this week, ProElite, Inc., the parent company of EliteXC, filed a current report with the Securites and Exchange Commission disclosing that it had entered into an agreement with Emmy award winning producer Mark Burnett to create a new mma reality show. For those of you who don't know, Burnett is the man responsible for the shows Survivor, the Apprentice, Rock Star and the Contender. Basically, EliteXC joining forces with Mark to create an mma reality show is the equivalent of an mma organization joining forces with Martin Scorsese to create an mma motion picture.

Details of the actual agreement were limited, but what we do know is that Mark will have ultimate control over the series and there is a possibility of Mark producing ppv events based on the series. Burnett is set to receive 17,000,000 shares of ProElite common stock exercisable at $3.00 per share in exchange for his services. As of June 21, there were approximately 43 million shares of ProElite common stock outstanding trading at $12.00 per share.

So after trumping the UFC/Xenergy partnership by allying with Rockstar energy drink, and trumping UFC 72 with the Baroni v. Shamrock Strikeforce card, EliteXC appears to have just trumped TUF as well. Looks like we got a fight on our hands.

UPDATE: Looks like EliteXC just snagged LHW contender Sokoudjou from underneath Zuffa as well.

Zuffa better wake up

Elite XC kicking Ass and taking names. Watch your back Dana, The Shaw is coming.

Burnett's boxing reality show, The Contender, sucks compared to TUF.

Thats big news. Burnett>Piligian.

Options to acquire stock giving him just under 40% ownership at 25% of the current market trading price? 

contender bombed

Bodog may be gone in a year or so due to Ayre finally being apprehended and his assets seized or some shit...But Elite XC has my full attention, they could be on to something there. Time will tell.

He did EcoChallenge too.

i hope they're here to stay, bodogFIGHT, EliteXC, and IFL.

Kool, great to hear. Hopefully they do well. EliteEX, UFC and IFL are great shows and fights to see on a reg basis...

the contendor lmao. have any of you ever watched the fights on that lol. If they have the fights exactly like the ones in the contendor than this show will tank just as bad.

What's their ticker?

TTT for later

Contender bombed because it was about boxing ...