Switching Judo schools

I know switching BJJ schools gets you called a creonte, etc or worse. is it the same for judo schools in the US? I’m relatively new to judo but my current club does not have very many adults, sometimes I’m the only adult student with maybe one or two more. Just looking for more bodies to train with. Thanks!

Dunno, never done judo.

I did have a trial free class at Gracie Barra, and I felt like a dirty cheating cunt.


It shouldn’t be a problem. One thing to watch out for is if a school has a Judo program other than a school of Judo. Too often programs competing in the same school don’t work. Out Judo program is hard but every one wants to kick box or go to no GI submission stuff. It kind of works against the school if the program isn’t supported. I had the same issue and I teach the kick boxing. I made a deal with the instructor to teach to get Judo for free but the adults don’t stay often. If you are in the same area with another school just be respectful and tell the other instructor as they might be friends. The Judo community is small and tons of people know each other so much so that it’s kind of scary.

The judo community is fairly insular but in general I’ve never seen a fallout from someone switching schools. There have been club rivalries though but I’ve only witnessed one that’s spilled over to personal animosity. Bjj not so much…

In a given area there’s a real good chance that all the respected black belts know each other and are all friends or at least friendly with each other.

For sure this happens a lot. People in the Judo world know each other. I was in DC Judo and they knew people in Buffalo at Kintora Judo.