Syd Vanderpool vs. Joe Calzaghe

The "paper champion" , Joe Calzaghe,,is still too much of a chicken-shit to fight Syd Vanderpool. Syd had a full page story that was posted on to challenge him and prove he is a champ. But the chicken he is,,refuses constantly.
So now,,,Syd made a little animation short about a fight between him and joe calzaghe. It is HILARIOUS!!!! CHECK IT OUT!

Calzaghe has too much for Syd. I like the plan of Calzaghe moving up to lhw and fighting some of the names there.

Hey What about Calzaghe v Mundine?That would be awesome in my opinion!!!!

Easy KO win for Syd Vanderpool in 4 rounds. Obviously none of you have watched a Syd Vanderpool fight lately. He is much improved from his fight with Hopkins 4 years ago. For what it is worth, let me remind you non-believers that Syd won more rounds against hopkins then any other opponent. Secondly, Syd took the fight on 9 days notice and dropped from Super-middle to middle weight within that time. Four years later, he is faster,stronger and has a unique south-paw style that is very difficult to face. I'm actually glad the majority of people believe that Syd would lose to Calzaghe because it will make for a great betting line. When the fight happens, I will be putting my money down on Syd.