Sydney Bjj comp 8 Nov is the place to register .
The next Events BJJ competition held on Sunday the 8th of November, 2009 at Five Dock Sports and Leisure Centre

"Be there"

man, the adcc gi qualifier is the week after as well, all the big names will be at that one as well, i think its a tough sell and the timing isnt great for eventsbjj to hold it then, after might have been better.
the adcc was well run earlier in the year as well.

I think its a fantastic time to hold the tournament for people who want precomp prep. Also most beginners and casual people will go to events bjj because its just a regular comp.

well the adcc pro cup has the non pro section before hand and it was run well earlier in the year, im just saying that holding comps in back to back weeks is stretching it a bit thin, maybe give it at least 2 weeks break

True but the Events BJJ Comp was planned and organised months before the Pro Gi comp. Saying that it's up to the competitors in the end. Our comps are always extremely well run and organised. Also the last couple of comps we have had prizes for every single division that entered also giving out some 2nd and 3rd place prizes. We already have heaps of entries in all divisions and belts. The Events BJJ comp is looking like it is going to go off again. As mentioned it is also a great pre-comp lead up to the Pro Gi. For those not entering the Pro Gi it will be a huge day of competition. Draws and Schedules will also be up the night before so you don't have to spend all day wondering when you're going to be competing.

Events BJJ entries close tonight (Wednesday night) so don't miss out. Go to to enter. All entries are done online.

Hope to see you all there.

Elvis Sinosic
Events BJJ

Check to see the draws and your fight times will be up by Saturday


The event was great. We finished on time (3pm) with presentations done by 3.30pm. Thank you to all the competitors. Thank you to all the volunteers for your support. Thank you to all the sponsors. Please go to our website and support our sponsors.

Xplosiv Fightwear, Sinister Store, Fightwear International, Amazon Power and Pau Brasil.



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