Sylvia has a new home.

I wonder if he puts Timmy's jogging suit on the end of the bed for him.

" It's different now, I stay at Billy's house. He wakes me up and says you got to be at the gym in an hour and I go upstairs and there's breakfast in front of me. Exactly what I need, my exact proteins, starches, fibers, and everything else. Everything I need. I'm taking a nap and he wakes me up says you need to eat. If I don't want to train, he says you have to."

*This quote was from a maxfighting article*

That's a little weird.... Sounds a bit like self-motivation problems.

A lot of people have self motivation problems or aren't organised enough to eat or train properly. If his coach is willing to put this much effort into him though he obviously thinks that he has the ability or potential to merit it


"a lot of trainers provide that kind of individual attention" Of Tims weiner?!?!? Gheyyyyy!1

Okay, seriously, I am a big fan of Tim, and I hope this keeps him on track. I don't care if he sleeps in the same room. They do that in the army, and they are not ALL gay...

Can anyone say Svengali? Sounds like Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and Dr. Eugene Landy.

Rush is no Joke, I'll bet Big Tim makes a comeback.

"Sounds a bit like self-motivation problems"

Maybe, maybe not. Listen, what good is a coach if you dont do more with his help than you would on your own?

Of course some coaches will teach you something new and useful, but 90%+ of the time is making sure you do the basic moves right. Stuff you already know but you wouldnt practice as hard without him.

As for nutrition, its so much easier to eat clean if everything is planned. I eat very clean, but put me in a buffet or put junk in my fridge and I wont resist long.

Awesome that Billy is helping him that much and I think as you all have seen has helped him elevate his game.

Is Sylvia still with team milletich?

With as many thanks as Billy has been getting from fighters, we may well see a transformed Tim Sylvia.

LOL @ the sexual innuendo. What a bunch of schoolyard geekness.

Is that true???

Nice SNL reference... I liked the big guy... sniff

"Is Sylvia still with team milletich?"


sounds like a pretty codependent relationship

Hey, if it fits, wear it.

I'm glad Sylvia is doing well and hopefuly he'll make a great return. There is no wasy he'll beat Andrei, but he can give hell as a gatekeeper, or even a strong contender.

Billy is no joke but he is dealing with a real tough case here.

"But, in all seriousness, a lot of trainers provide that kind of individual attention to keep their fighters focused and motivated (you may now commence twisting my words around into something sexual for your amusement)".

Doesn't everyone need "special" individual attention?

you forgot this quote"...and if i dont take my Vitamin S because it tastes bad, Billy chops it up into my hamburger"

"you may now commence twisting my ***** around...something sexual for
your amusement"


Hey Rudeboy, i'm a hige BJ fan but if BJ had that kind of "trainer/coach" there would be no debate that he was the best in the world. As it is he comes in out of shape and still does well. Can you imagine if he ate right the whole time he was training.