Tai Chi??

How's Tai Chi for practical purposes? I am injured right now and can no longer train intensely. All my joints are in pain and damaged to some extent...

There is a Tai Chi class for my college, UCSD, that I am thinking about taking...but how is a club for tai chi since if tai chi is real...won't a club be all watered down and useless?

I would give it a try...but I don't want to waste time. Since supposedly it takes a while before I can feel any results...

Who has actually done Tai Chi and think it's worth it?


It would be good fro helping joints to heal, I would try yoga though.

There's a green namer name of Bruce (I think he's called SHOOTER on here) who trains TJQ and has his students and himself competein grappling and MMA events. Wins some, loses some. He sent me a great clip of one of his guys beating one of Randy Couture's guys in an MMA match, and another clip of the TJQ movement excercise which was basically the same thing his student did in thering (grinding corn).

Some of these clips are up on a page, not sure which clips are being hosted though.


If I lived on the West coast, I'd seek him out.

Check out Tim Cartmell as well, who, besides being a TJQ/XY/BG guy is also a BB in BJJ...


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Since you're asking about tai chi because you're injured and not becaue you want to train in it...

For improving joint health and for some gentle exercise someone with a good knowledge of the form should be able to help. Should be fairly easy to find too.

Like nailbomb said, if you're just looking for somewhere to study Tai Chi until you can train MMA again, a club shouldn't be a problem. The main difference I've found between Tai Chi teachers, aside from experience level, is whether they are traditional or contemporary, and either way you still get the physical benefits. So, I would say, just make sure your teacher has proper training and experience teaching and you should be fine.

I found Tai Chi to be a good workout and relaxation at the same time -- it focuses a lot on lower body and core strength, and also balance. Also, the breathing exercises that go along with the movements were great.

TJq will also teach you how to counsciously and deliberately achieve deep levels of relaxation - useful for grappling sensitivity.