I was watching some of the taikiken vs kyokushin fights on youtube last night and was quite impressed by how bad the kyokushin fighters appeared to do against the taikiken guys (although neither looked great). Does this mean there is something to taikiken or is it just that kyokushin was of a pretty low standard back then?

From what I understand the Kyokushin guys who train at the main Honbu used to have to take a Taikiken seminar every year.

Generaly in kyokushin vs taikiken fights, its the kyokushin guys who wins. But I dont know who fought in the videos you have found, or who made the video, or for what purpose they made the video.

It was the old videos from years back. I was talking to someone and he says the kyokushin fighters were legit, from Oyama's first dojo.

Just do a search on youtube for taikiken ve kyokushin and they are the first ones that come up. In these vids its not really a case of one beating the other..both look pretty bad. Here are some examples:




Here's a better one for the kyokushin guys:


Its Matsui, the headof the main Kyokushin organisation isn't it?

yeh I think so..what do you think of the overall standard?

In the 2nd video a Taikiken guy throws then-teenager now NPO IKO2 President Kenji Midori. The question I have for anondize and those who know the Chinese scene is, do any Judokas or Wrestlers on any of China's competitive teams (ie send guys to the nationals, etc) have backgrounds in Taiqi, Yiquan, or the like?