Tajik Khabib clone Nurullo Aliev makes UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 220

Coming off Dana White’s Contender Series, Aliev, the “Tajik Eagle”, is making his UFC debut with an 8-0 professional record


Christ, that’s a super weak card.

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The guy who pulled off this KO is debuting as well.

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One of the most unnecessary shots on a completely lifeless opponent I can think of. I look forward to him getting an unhealthy dose of karma.

Jose is another Michigan guy. Great kid .

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Jose Johnson pulled out

The first UFC fighter from Tajikistan successfully secured a W in his UFC debut

Tajikistan seems very passionate about MMA, crowds in attendance to see their fighter debut in the early prelims! Now they have two fighters with the recent signing of Loik Radzhabov https://twitter.com/ufceurope/status/1629596169251835904?s=46&t=Dg117HPY1FpwS0KEdvOk_w


Lol they look actually similar, but Tajik has more prominent cheekbones, a bit more caveman look i meant

Neanderthal genes run strong in that part of the world, explains their stocky stature and crazy grip strength