Takada will get ambushed @ Pride

Straight out of WWE script, Takada will get attacked at the 12/31/ Pride show, and he will be rescued by Goldberg. Altough it has'nt been yet revealed, Ogawa and Hashimoto (sp) will most likely come into the ring when Takada is giving a speech, and interrupt him. They will start giving him the bad mouth, followed by a beat down, and Goldberg will come to the rescue.

Why all of this you ask ? Because DSE is promoting a wrestling show on 1/4/04 featuring Goldberg vs. Ogawa. This will help hype the event.

Word about is that Takada is in some personal financial trouble, so he may actually start Pro Wrestling again.

This is all BS to MMA, however, Japanese fans eat it up.

It's true. It will look straight out of a WWE show however. I personally think that kind of stuff should be kept on the wrestling TV shows, not MMA cards.

lol thats awesome. I really wish this event was on PPV.


lol this would actually be entertaining

wild celtic is correct. If this happens, it will show Takada hasnt "changed" and its bad for Pride.

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This will indeed be bad for Pride and MMA.

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LOL at "Your Fart" though.

This is "official" !

bad for sport

This is all Dream Stage Entertainments call. They are also promoting Pro Wrestling shows. This will boost ticket sales apparently. Indeed, it confuses MMA and Pro Wrestling.

Keep in mind that Takada was "The' most popular wrestler in Japan about 6-7 years ago. He apparently has to go back to doing wrestling matches for financial reasons. He knows this antic will sell.

They did this angle a few years back with Ogawa going after him at Press conferences, and after the Coleman work.

Takada would be more exciting as WWE champ than HHH.

And this very thing happened !