Takase/Newton pbp(spoiler!)

This is from (o Y o) over on the Iron Life forums. Props to the Forum and the guys!

Round 1

Newton has no daiper this time!!

After some breif feeling out Takase rushes Newton for a takedown, and Newton reverses it taking him down, landing a knee to the body before Takase gets him in his guard....Newton pounding the body, and takase gets a very close arm bar ( forgot the name, when its jammed against the ground and pressure is being applied downward from the bottom )....Newton does some sweet spinning in the air, manages to eascape, and goes back to pounding.

Takase tries to get the leg over for triangle, then goes for the same arm lock on Newtons other arm...he`s quickly shut down both times though.

A little of Takase`s wrap are hanging out from his glove.

5 minutes in, Newton still punching from the guard...they get restarted on the ground in the middle of the ring as takase@s head had gone outside......neither resting at all, but a break is called.

and both red carded

Takase trie to tackle but eats a 1, 2....Takase calls him to the ground, and carlos tells him to get up. Takase tackles again, and succeds in getting Newton under him on the ground, though Newton gets up holding his leg dumps in and is back in his guard

They are explaining how takase has always respected Newton etc

Carlos gets up and calls Takase up too..but takase buttscoots til the end of the round

The butt scoot is only 10 or 20 seconds....just to clear that up

Round 2

Instant clinch and fight for the takedown.....they end up with Newton on top in Takase@s guard, but carlos stands and calls him up

some exciting exchanges but nothng much lands...they hit the ground in a clinch and varlos stands back up.....Takase rushes with a right left combo, they hit the ropes and as Newton goes on the attack takase jumps on him as they start falling....once again Newton in Takase@s guard.

they get broken up again, and have to stand

Another great standing flurry from both, but again nothing landing and both defending takedowns well.....finally Takase pulls guard again.....Newton lands one clean big shot that Hurt as you could see takase wince.

fight ends

This is a tough JD


He is happy as hell....Carlos a little disappointed

Takase has to be top 10 @ 185 now. No doubt about it.

Sounds like Newton got raped.

Didn't see it so dont know, but according to somebody who did watch it a split decision was a fair call.

Newton vs Brennan anybody?


I didn't releaise you hadn't seen the event. You can always come around to my place to watch a Pride or K-1 in the future. I have a projector ...

Takase deserved the win ..just. But damn, he is one boring fighter.