takase using rubber gaurd at bush

has he trainrd with eddie bravo or just looked at it on the net. it looked like his whole gameplan was to catch the plata combos.

"it looked like his whole gameplan was to catch the plata combos"

No, actually it was his gameplan to catch the Cheese filled combos !

anyone see it

Takase always liked that stuff, he is suuuuper flexible. I gaurantee he didnt learn it from Eddie.

I could be wrong but it'd be a longshot.

His attempts were not very good and only seemed to make it as far as the first position of the rubber guard, no london, nothing (if memeory serves me correctly)...so that said, I'd guess he didn't train with Eddie. But at least he was trying something.

i know he was rodrigos biggest test so far. but he was trying rubber stuff either way.

whats london?

takase has confidence problems.

If you watch the Brennan match as well, he tries to use the rubber guard at one stage too to set up his opponent. Brennan's match ruled. He's awesome!!
- Juggs

No, I've never even met the guy, but it does look like he's seen my match with Royler.

He was using what I call mission control, but he didn't know where to go from there, but at least he's trying.

And he never got hit in mission control either. He did get hit whenever he'd let go of it though.

He fought Bush? I didnt know if Bush had skills to defend that.

Takase is a lazy guard grappler. When he is aggressive, he is quite good. But often he chooses the other way around. Waste of talent. Sakurai is too good for his lazy guard.

He's too good for his lazy guard?

Although Takase is really not attacking too much off his back yet, he is definately trying to find a more efficient way to play guard.

He has the potential to be murderer off his back if he keeps practicing and evolving.