takedown/clinch instructionals

can you recommend a instructional for takedowns and clinch

Kevin Jackson/Mike Van Arsdale 6 tape takedown series
Darrell Gholar takedowns instructionals
Randy Couture clinch

thank you psycho, where can i buy these tapes?


thank you xxx75,can someone give me some insight on what to expect from the takedown tapes .Which would you recomennd for a beginner... Gholars or kevin and mikes series

im going with randys tapes for clinch i figure he's the man in that aspect. im a beginner so what do you guys think.. right choice? and im leaning towards kevin and mikes series over gholar...once again whatdo you think?

Darell Gholar's "vale tudo takedowns" and his "9-7-5" are both great.

everything is kept very simple for mma and Darrell's personality and style of teaching is very simple and direct.

Darrel Gohlar's On the mat series and his VT Takedowns series are both great!

Ive seen the first tape of Randy's set and it is pretty good!

thanks for the rply ,why does kevin and mike have a set of 6 do the have more details? im a beginner so i need all the help i can get,

I admit I haven't seen the 2nd side of Gholar's, but I was surprised at how VERY basic the 1st side was. But hey, I got it at a severe discount so I'm not complaining.

Go with the Jackson/Van Arsdale series. They cover everything from basic to advanced. They will teach stand up movement, set ups, clinch, throws, tie ups, and just about everything else that is associated with stand up wrestling.

In my opinion, this is the best stand up instructional series on the market. At least, the best one that I've seen and I've seen a lot of them.

You won't be dissappointed.

psychoslasher - Does the Jackson/Van Arsdale series show how to control a person, what to do if a person has a dominant grip on you? Positioning, getting a grip etc...

I hear Daniel Igali's tapes are good.