Talked to a grandma who loves mma!

I was at a graduation party last night when I overheard someone talking about how beautiful it is to watch a takedown performed. Of course my antenna's went up and I worked my way into the kitchen to see what was being said. To my suprise, a 68 year old grandma was defending MMA and telling everyone how it's the only sport she enjoys to watch on the television. I couldn't believe how big of a fan this lady was. I wound up talking to her about fighting for at least 30 minutes. She absolutely loves the technical side of the sport and thinks MMA fighters are the greatest athletes in the world. It's amazing how much this sport has evolved!

ttt for the old hag

she probably has a grandson in the sport..

OR.. she likes to rub it to big muscly fighters

She was a borderline gilf. She grew on me once I knew she loved MMA. She had nice feet, and prety perky tits for an old lady. The weird thing is that none of her sons or family watched the sport. She just happened to catch a few Unleashed episodes and the Ultimate Fighter.

Good for her!!

My wife is now a grandmother of three, and MMA is HER favorite sport also.  She sits and watches every single UFC, TUF episode, and often an Unleashed episode.  She has never been into watching any other sport except football since I've know her in the last 20+ years.

ttt for the older MMA fans! :-)

That's cool.

good stuff