Tallest featherweight?

Who's the tallest featherweight fighter in any major organization? UFC, dream, bellator... Phone Post

No one wants to fight these Ohio guys. Phone Post 3.0

RitchieGreaser - Pretty much already do this but i go to every show in san diego, Los Angeles and a good portion of vegas shows. Count me in


Ah yes, very good. I like Cole more, how did I forget about hims.

Nice. Thanks guys. Phone Post

Pablo Garza is also listed at 6'1".

Roop or Garza should fight for who is the best tallest FW. Good martial artists with big wins on a 2 fight losing streak. Make it happen Shelby

Burl - Pablo Garza is also listed at 6'1".

key word is 'listed'

I remember watching Garza fighting Swanson and think he was an incredibly tall FW. Phone Post