Tamdan Mcrory vs Anthony D'Angelo

Tamdan McCrory will defend his NABC title vs. Anthony D'Angelo at Cage Fury III. Picks? Thoughts?

Tamdan look very good in his last fight should be a good one

i cant wait for this one!

When is this fight and where? Good luck Anthony, stay healthy and train hard.

I like Tamdan's chances

Anthony is sick.


Tamdan fights out of CNY MMA Bombsquad

anthony is out of united mma in long island ny

From a previous article that I wrote:

"Next up --- The Barncat...We all knew Tamdan was the favorite coming into this matchup and showed exactly why he's the massMMA fighter of the month...He came out strong, sharp and determined to add another notch to his unblemished record....The standup exchanges were brief and seemed to favor Tamdan in that regard....On the ground it was pretty much the same thing...Tamdan is a force to be reckoned with at 170 lbs despite a relatively small amount of training (About five months) in comparison to a majority of his counterparts...I like the Barncat and I think his dismissal of reputations and experience of his opponents makes him one dangerous fighter in his weight class.... As a quick side note --- I met the members of his immediate family (Tegan, his mom and dad, etc) and I love the level of support they have for him as was evident on the his "fighter of the month" thread...Those folks are good people and I wish Tamdan the best of luck in the future..."

Best of luck to Tamdan...

He's proving himself more and more as he fights...He's got wins over very quality personnel...

This fight is going to be something you dont wanna miss. When Anthony fought Josh he fought his ass off and then Tamdan and his talents ,I cant wait to see this one!!! goood luck guys !



I challenge Tamden to a game of basketball.

I'm waiting to see Tamdan VS Dan Lau - lots of shit talking going on between those guys. I will go see that one wherever it is.

this should be a great fight! I can't pick against a fellow NAGA ref, but damn everytime I pick against Tamden I eat crow. Should be a great fight.

Marcus. Won't see this soon most likely. Dan's next fight will probably be in the UFC>

hey mike i can put that together for you.......

set it up Gary.