Tani otoshi or ko soto gake?

I've been attempting the technique used by Arash Miresmaili to win the U66k world championship gold, but can't find any details of it, other than on the video below. Does anyone know if it is unique to him, or have any information on it (I don't even know what to call it, as the thread title suggests!)

Go to http://www.judoinfo.com/video03osaka.htm then "Miresmaili" to see the video.

Check this out.


its not either a kosoto or a taniotoshi. far as i can tell the throw is a variation of Kibisu Gaeshi. its an ankle pick with an added hurdler-style drop.

youll notice he is right handed fighitng a lefty who is coming in for a kouchi gari (as benb often does cause he has a great left kouchi). as soon as benb gets to the point where he is going to sweep for the kouchi mireshmelli drops to his hurdler position and uses his left hand to ankle-pick barb's left foot.

throwing direction is to uke's front, right on a 45-degree

That's a great throw. I have actually used that successfully twice now.

Its also know as the Latts dump, because Latts was one of if not the first to do it. Check out the 92 and 96 Olympic tapes from fighting films.

Yuko - It's Johan Laats. I also saw him against JM in 93 WC.

I think Nicolas Gill uses this throw too. I think...

To do a technique like Miresmaili you would probably need to get a needle and some roids. I heard somewhere that he failed a drug test recently. He's not doing those pickups and drops out of pure technique! This 2x World Champ won't be doing too many fancy pick ups at the Olympics will he?

well, for now its meerly a rumor and is gonna remain such until the IJF validates it like they did with the french guy a few years ago and the 60kg brazilian Derley.

it woldnt shock me if he was positive for a diuretic, masking agent or something of the sort.. i know he cuts hard-- as he actually missed weight at the 2002 Korean Cup (but was given a 2nd chance on the scales).

but hey.. its rumors still.