Tanner fighting in sept.?

"Evan Tanner (32-6 MMA, 11-4 UFC) has been added to a UFC card in September according to UFCjunkie.com sources inside Tanner’s camp at Chute Boxe USA. Potential targets in September would be UFC 75 which is scheduled for Sept. 8, 2007 in London, England, or UFC 76 which is scheduled for Sept. 22, 2007 in Anaheim, California."

I hadnt heard this yet.

This is great news. It will be interesting to see if Tanner can still be a contender. Has competition at 185 gotten alot tougher since he last fought? I don't really think so. Not in that division.

skidmark - because he brings it

Tanner is, for some reason, always the underdog, but usually manage to come out on top.
The guy has a huge heart.

Why do people only want to see people in contention for the title? What have you got against just seeing a good fight?

Drew Fickett, Nick Diaz, Spencer Fisher these people will probably not be title contenders yet they always put on great fights. Evan Tanner is among these people.

I'm worried all this training and fighting might get in the way of his drinking.

He's a good gate keeper

Evan Tanner is an awesome fighter to watch. He always brings it in the octagon..Not many people can take punishment like Tanner and keep fighting...and winning...