Tanner TUF 7 Main Event


I dont believe this main evetn worthy but good to see Tanner anyway

Tanner BY Grown Man Beating TKO Strikes 2nd

 Why wouldn't the finals be the main event? It's not like Tanner/Grove is some superfight.

After having the Huerta/Guida main event for the last TUF finale, this seems like a definite step backwards.

Isn't Diego Sanchez vs. Luigi Fioravante the main event of that card?

maybe it is a step back but it's great to see Tanner in action

I see what they are going do here. They are going to have a bunch of regular fights and the finale, too make more money I'm guessing.....not like it hasn't always sold out.

I'm guessing this means that all of the regular seaon guys won't fight as in years past. That is kind of a crappy trhing to do to those guys, considering they were already ambushed with fighting to get on the show. Hell, in years past everyone from teh show would fight on the finals and half those guys were never deserving of the spot in the first place.

Now, they are what,......going to cut guys who maybe didn't do so hot on the show, but have already showed more heart by fighting their way on to the show, than some of the 185ers I saw this weekend who apparent;y don't want to fight at all? Yeah, nice thinking. There have been on Past shows that have quit/not wanted to fight several times and still got contracts. I'm betting they let better fighters than that slip throught the cracks if they let guys from this season go without at least testing them in an actual UFC when they have time to go back and prepare with their own camps, etc.


Or maybe nobody even cares, I don't know.

Possibly using them to build the WEC

 I do not understand why Grove would take this fight.... he just wants to further his losing record in the UFC?