Tap Out Burlington

Hey guys, I have just started coaching no-gi bjj/mma concepts at Tap Out gym in Burlington. I teach Monday and Thursday nights from 8-10pm. The gym is located on the south east corner of fairview and appleby next to the hockey arena. Come check out this incredible facility... Phone Post

Awesome stuff Mark, will this change if you get a fight booked? Phone Post

There will always be a qualified replacement when I'm out of town. Phone Post

TTT Phone Post

TTT Mark is a great teacher!! Lucky to have him there. Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

 what if your a begginer an never trained before??

Lun8 -  what if your a begginer an never trained before??

Don't worry about being a beginner, every instructor at the gym will help you get into the groove of things and I'm sure Mark will do the same Phone Post

At this point most of the students are beginners. Phone Post

 Garnet told me you would be joining when I saw him in Orlando last year.  I was doubtful.  

Wow what a score for Tapout Burlington.  Bocek is IMHO the best BJJer to come out of Canada.  Wish tapout and mark nothing but the best.