Tape advice ; re : physio

Scott & Rossafarians ,

I am looking for advice on tape selection . In one week I begin physiotherapy for my ankle ( it's been fused for past 6 wks ) . From what I've read here and at the ROSS site , I'm convinced there are materials that will enhance my rehabilitation . I'm gravitating to the Complete Zdorovye™ Package , but not having seen any of the ROSS tapes I do not want to exclude them from my selection prematurely . Scott , am I on the right track with Zdorovye™ , or are there other materials suited towards this type of injury recovery ?

Also , if anyone has any experiences concerning injury recovery and ROSS , I'd love to hear about them *S*

Peace ,


Guys ,

Thanx for reminding me of GTB ! For some reason I saw 'Grappler's' and immediately excluded it , thinking it was just for grapplers . Looking at the testimonials I realize I couldn't have been further from the truth . Specifically GTB 1.2 looks like it will be a big asset .

Would something like Warrior Wellness be a beneficial addition ; adding to the theme of flexibility , and strengthening ? Or am I putting the cart before the horse ?


I showed my physio GTB (she has also studied tai chi, yoga, feldenkrais and aikido) and she thought it was wonderful. Use your head and feel your way through, never force (esp. after an injury) and find your motion.