Taping hands for MMA

I know this may be a wrong forum but I don't want to ask something like this on the UG where any sensible thread drops in an hour to keep up things like "rickson vs. fedor".

I know some of the guys here have coached fighters can anyone help me out with the following:

How and with what to tape hands for MMA competition (UFC style gloves)? Any tips?



You need to talk with Shawn Tompkins.

He's wrapped hands for the best in the largest fight promotions in the world.


Not all MMA athletes tape their hands.

I never taped. I didn't like the way it change my grip.

Don't listen to this. You should always tape your hands. It decreases the chance of hand and wrist injuries dramatically. To get you going stop by the local boxing club and let you show you how they tape their hands. From there experience will tell you how to tape hands for MMA best.

With MMA gloves you should use gauze and tape. Most commisions will
have an official watching you. They sign the job after it is finished.

The amount of gauze should be enough to act as a thin protective layer to
be covered by the tape. You should leave the palm free to grab things and
the tape can be anchored around this. The knuckles have to remain
uncovered. The tape acts as a tight glove so there should be no place
covered only by gauze.

The UFC usually provides an experienced tape man for the fighters before
their bouts. Go to a boxing gym and ask an experienced corner man.
They seem to be the template upon which we base this function.

Good luck.

MMA is NOT boxing, of course. I had this conversation with one of the best 155 pounders in the world only four days ago. He thought taping/wrapping was unnecessary and perhaps featured on those whose punching technique was suspect. To my surprise, he has never suffered ANY hand or wrist injuries as he simply hits properly. Boxers all wrap hands, of course.

So, contrary to the individual who wrote above that not wrapping is horrible ADVICE, I am not advocating not wrapping, simply pointing out that not all MMA athletes wrap their hands.

When Sam Stout taped my hands, he made me Hands of Stone, albeit for 6 minutes.

Perhaps Shawn should hold a taping seminar.

Think what you like, but I never wrapped to train or fight and never had hand problems.

If you hit pads or the bag with gloves and or wraps you should tape your hands to fight. Fight how you train.

However, if you are used to hitting pads without boxing gloves or wraps the stability in your hands as well as your subconscious timing for punchs will be enough to prevent damage.

I have done this for a long time as well as recommended this to people I train with. They have noticeably hit harder and also become less susceptible to damage.

if you don't wrap your hands then grappling- clinch, takedowns, the ground, etc. has always seemed much easier for me.

Farmer Brown agrees, taped hands (when done properly) = Gold

Tompkins is absolutely the best guy at this.

Bank on it.

Shawn has been paid to simply come in and wrap hands for guys.

He's the best that I know of.