tapout is taking over

so i don't think there is anything wrong with wearing tapout clothing but has anyone else noticed the insane amount of people wearing it lately....i been watching T.V. today and i saw one of the guys on Dog the bounty hunter wearing a tapout shirt and i just saw someone on the Carlos Mencia show wearing a tapout shirt..........

everything about tapout annoys the shit out of me.

Well you are gonna see a lot on Dog cuz his kid is a fighter. They sport tons of Punishment Athletic gear on there too.


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is his kid a pro mma fighter?....or just involved

i hated their stuff even before i developed an MMA elitest attitude.

I only brought Tapout shit when MMA was called NHB and very much underground...Now I wouldnt dare wear Tapout. It looks very douche-ish to me now-a-days.


All the douchebags who had west coast chopper t-shirts and stickers on their cars were avid motorcycle riders.

Tapout is expanding into the gear biz. They sell gear at Combat Sports. I also was given a bottle of Tapout Water. Seems like they are marketing into every area. Don't like their image but they have good business skills.

"...i been watching T.V. today and i saw one of the guys on Dog the bounty hunter..."

That's your problem right there!

That's nothing, Xyience is now sponsoring The World Poker Tour...