Tapout show turns me around

I have been turned around by the Tap Out show. I will be ordering a few shirts, just to support a great company that supports our sport.

I remember back in the day when Tap Out came out. Little known to the public, the 800 number rang to Charles sisters house and they were still spending all their dough to support the sport.

That was a great show last night. The tap out guys have won me over with their support of the sport. Seems like a good company and they seem like good people who are behind you win or lose.

"you trip over a step, you get up and keep going."

It sucks to lose when you dedicate so much of your time and energy. I think people being able to see that aspect will have a whole new appreciation for the sport. Helps clear up the human cockfighting comment also. imho

I'm just the opposite. Most fighters aren't making anything for fighting. They pay nothing to these start up fighters. Give em some clothes and water and expect to do the same years down the road after the hours of training have led the fighter to the big show. In Serra's case it's not his loyalty to them. It's their taking advantage of him by not paying properly after his work has put him in the position he earned. In fact it's pretty unprofessional. Tap Out is trying to take advantage of what they think are dumb fighters. Sell the R.V. and pay these guys something.

After viewing said programming, I'll be doing my best to make sure they never receive even a penny from my pocket.

they been doin the same lame act for like 8 years now it gets old