Would u rather tap early or hold out till the last second before tapping?

Training, local tournament, olympics(ha)? During Practice I tap early. I'm 25 and already and starting to get some aches and pains. Hard cool, stupid not cool.

depends on the situation. if im dead tired and the hold is locked in then ill tap right quick.

i tap when i need to (which is usually), if i can escape i prefer that route.

Depends on who I am with. If it is someone I know I can trust, I fight it until it is completely sunk. If it is a newbie, someone I don't know, or the guy who hurt my elbow, I tap before it is even close.

Pete Pelter

Tapping on joint locks really depends on the guy i'm playing with. If i've played a lot and know he's not a spaz, i'll fight it a bit longer.

Chokes are a different story, I'll fight until they're waking me up :)

agree with spiff.

I agree with Spiff too.


You tap when you know you can't get out. If it's a tight sub you'll feel it right away. If there is some slip in there, I'll try to fight.