tarver/jones live updates?

anyone going to live updates for the fight? maybe on this thread?

ttt I'm at work and would like that too!

Seldon still fights? Had no idea. He beat him?

What boxing chatroom are you in?

ill do some updates on this thread

yeah, thanks man!

What time does RJJ fight?

both guys are circling pawing with the jab, feeling each other out, jones is taking a more aggressive posture than the last fight, he throws a few body shots, nothing serious going on, sitll circling, feeling each other out, roy countering with body shots to tarvers jabs, landing the righ to the body, tarver lands a solid jab.... round 1 hard to call because not much happened... lampley said jones probably took it...

Round 2-
both guys working the jab, roy feinting, roy is blocking and slipping tarvers jabs, roy circling to the right, left by tarver, right to body by jones, a few good punches by jones, HOLY Shit jones just went down!!!! HOLY SHIT

a CRUSHING left hook sent roy almost through the ropes!!! TARVER KO's ROY Round 2

holy crap!

tarver knocked roy down roy landed flat on his back... he attempted to get up....could not at first...got up at 9 was wobbling all over... tarver landed a huge shot and dropped jones.


is the fight over?!?!?!

tarver is doing a post-fight interview with Larry Merchant... he thanked buddy mcgirt, Larry asks if he is suprised, tarver says no he now know god lives, watching replay he says he threw the perfect punch... beat roy to the punch with strong overhand left... Tarver says this night means everything to him, he never gave up on himself when people said he couldn't beat Roy Jones, says hes pound for pound best in the world.
Tarver compares this fight to Hagler-Hearns, thanks Roy, says Roy is a great fighter.
Regarding his future, Tarver says he'll fight anybody, go where the money is.. thanks don king...

Larry interviews Don King- says Tarver shocked the world, can mix it up with any of the HW champs.

Roy says he won't make any excuses for his loss, he was as prepared as he could be
says knockout happen "to the best of us"
says he shouldn't have fought tarver, he did it for the fans, its hard for him to do fights like this.
Says he may come back, may not, depends on whether a fight will interest him or not