Tarver wants 10M for 3rd fght wRoy

Hopefully he'll lower his price tag so we can see this intriguing 3rd bout.From Boxingtalk

Tarver Wants $10M For The Rubber Match!By G. LeonMay 19, 2004; It didn't take long for pound for pound king Antonio Tarver to respond to our exclusive report that stated how Roy Jones Jr. definitely wants to do it again. "First of all Greg, Roy and his people need to stop making excuses about him not being able to get up for me, or scared fighters are dangerous fighters, or lucky punch, or whatever else they try and come up with. Prior to this fight, both Roy and myself told you on Boxingtalk that May 15 will determine both of our legacies, and I believe it has. That's number one.

Number two is, we could do it again at whatever weight he wants to, but it's going to take a $10M guarantee for his final disappering act to take place. No $10M, no fight, it's that simple. I don't even want to hear anything less than eight figures, not a penny less. Otherwise, Roy could reestablish his legacy by fighting the bums that HBO has fed him his whole career. In order to make this fight as big as it should be, Roy better get his butt on the street door to door to get people sign a petition that they will buy PPV for the rubbermatch. And don't call me until you get a 1,000,001 firm commitments with a deposit, if not, he's going to get paid with chickenfeed this time.

One last thing, that petition must also promise the fans and the media, 'I give my pledge that I will not find any more chicken shit excuses after Antonio Tarver knocks me out again!' He needs to do something though Greg, because I'm getting bored kicking his ass!"

Tarver is nothing but a punk, and that's all he'll ever be. Reminds me of the way Rahman was talking after he KO'd Lennox

Hasim Tarver is probably losing fans due to his smack talking abilities.

At least he doesnt use his name in 3rd person narrative like Roy.

Frankly i just think he is sick of Roy having every excuse in the world. The first fight it was the weight, the second fight he wasnt into it. Wah wah wah

10million seems reasonable. I belive the exposure the fight got for its result, mixed with the bad blood will make this fight sell bigtime. And they could always throw in a good hispanic fighter on the undercard to assure them of that.

I belive both fighters should get a major pay increase, or else why would Tarver want to bother fighting him again, and why would Roy want to risk getting ko'd again?

I heard this fight did 360,000 buys. (First one did 300,00.) I imagine that number would rise again for a 3rd bout but not enough to Pay Tarver 10 million.

I Think Tarver needs a reality Check.
1) he can't make a tenth of that fighting anyone else
in that division.
2)Roy may need this fight more than Tarver at this
point in which case Tarver may be smart.I think Roy
would go to any lengths to destroy this kid.

You're right, Roy needs this fight more than Tarver, so he might as well take it for whatever Tarver wants. I think Tarver should get 60%. Roy has been making huge purses all his life, let Tarver make some money now while he's on top.

Poetic Justice.