Tashkent Judo Grand Slam 2021

Past weekend the 2nd world judo 2021 tournament in Uzbekistan.  And the Asians showed with Japan leading the way big time winning 9 gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze. Mongolians were 2nd winning  2,2,1 followed by the Koreans 1,1,4.The  tournament which had 497 competitors from 97 countries.

The details are on ijf.org where you can watch individual matches like I did or on Youtube Ippons Day 1, 2 and 3.  I was impressed with Japan's -90k(Nagasawa) and 100+k (Kageura, defeated Riner last Paris Grand Slam) gold medal winners. Japan didn't have a fighter in -73k not sure why. 

Watch this kosoto-gari by Tshiro of Japan women's -63K Final.


Almost looked like a Gake

IJF called it gari.  The leg wasn't hooked(gake).  Her foot was on the oppnents foot. Point of the video is how good the Japanese are at foot techniques and how simple of a technique can be effective.  This was done from double sleeve grip moving the opponent sideways.

Yeah a lot of Japanese are great at Ashi-Waza stuff.