Tatami Gi Sizing

Im looking at buying a new gi and iv narrowed it down to the Tatami estilo 5.0 and the Tatami nova. I'm 6'0", 180-190 pounds depending on my living habbits and I have pretty broad shoulders. They have different sizing charts with the estilo recommending A2L and the nova recommending an A2. My worry is that I am right at the edge of an A3 and dont know if it will shrink but I also read that tatami fits a bit long. Anyone have experience with these styles?


akb62 is right.  go a3 on the nova and i'd go a2l on the estillo

i have two nova's, i'm 5'10" at 190. and after a year of training they have shrunk to the point where i can still wear them without looking like i'm in a kids gi, but i doubt they would be ibjjf legal. i cold wash and hang dry these gis.

if i had to warm wash and machine dry these, i would definitely have gone with an a3.


Im 6 2 and 185-190. The tatami estilo 5.0 in A3 fits me perfectly Phone Post 3.0

Go with the A3 - I'm 5'11 and 200lbs the A3 fits nicely if anything it is slightly too long Phone Post 3.0

does anyone know how much the estilo 5.0 can shrink if you want it to?