Tatiana Saurez: Islam will be champ, impressed with all of Islam's positions, Oliveira going to get smoked

“He’s (Islam Makhachev) gonna be champ, that’s who I think is gonna be champ,” Tatiana Suarez said on The Schmozone. “I don’t think anybody is gonna beat him. I think his grappling – there’s not many people that I watch, where I watch their grappling and think, this is exactly what I do. And he’s actually one of those grapplers. … While I’m watching the grappling, I’m impressed with every step they’re doing. I know that once they get those positions, they’re gonna be fine. He’s really good at that.”

wish she could get and stay healthy…would love to see her back and slammin chicks

Women can’t handle themselves around Izzy Mack.