TBA stand a good shot at LW Title?

-Sean Sherk vs. TBA for the vacant UFC Lightweight Title

Seems kind of pathetic that the UFC wants to revive a division where they can't even round up two able-bodied opponents to fight for the title.

Who is the No. 1 ranked contender?


Its hard when 2 people turn down the fight. And I think they want to save Pulver vs Sherk for TUF 5.

I don't like TBA's chances though.

I think anyone other than little evil would just be a let down


Hominick or Pulver would be good... but it's getting to seem like the UFC avoids booking good fights in favor of saving money, or control, or whatever they think they're doing.

TBA is a coward, he always bows out just before the event and has to be replaced...

Note: both Homick and Pulver would be coming up from 145, whereas Sherk is shirking to get there.

JensK is correct.  TBA is bad for the sport and should be permanently banned from MMA.