Team AFA is no longer training in the old facilities.
We are now located at Griffin Martial Arts Academy at 1607 Williamson Rd. in Griffin, GA. The MMA competition team will be having training as usual in the evenings from 7:30 until........ We were training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Griffin and on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Macon. We "may" be changing the Thursday date to Griffin and move Friday classes to Macon due to scheduling conflicts at the Griffin Academy. I will keep everyone posted about that. Also note that class times in Griffin have changed and we now start at 7:30 instead of 7:00 pm.
In addition to the regular MMA team training I will also be teaching submission grappling classes as part of the standard Griffin Martial Arts Academy curriculum. They have numerous styles available in the traditional striking arts and this will be the first expansion into the grappling realm rounding out the GMAA program. They have welcomed us with open arms and we are excited to be a part of the GMAA family. We are looking forward to a great and mutually beneficial 2004!!!!

Directions to the GMAA facilities are as follows...

From Newnan coming into Griffin on HWY 16-

Take HWY 16 into Griffin
Take a right onto HWY 19/41
Go to first exit Williamson Rd.
Get off on Williamson Rd. exit and go right
Travel approx. 1 half mile
Go through traffic light
GMAA is directly past the light on the right about 3 buildings down

From Mid/South GA coming in on 75 North-

Take I-75 North to exit 205
Get off on exit 205 and go left into Griffin (approx. 12 miles)
Take a left onto HWY 19/41
Follow directions above

From North GA coming in on 75 South-

Take I-75 South to exit 205
Get off on exit 205 and go right into Griffin (approx. 12 miles)
Follow directions above




Who is AFA, Cam?


Joseph: I am afa :)

AFA = Academy of Fighting Arts. Head instructor is Cam McCargue. Other fighters include John Wehby, Myself, Blake Barber, Cole Miller, Todd Carney, and many other up and comers including trey, bobby and more.

Great bunch of guys and gals!

Sounds like a good step up! Congrats!

What other martial arts are taught there?

cool, and closer to me too

Always nice to get a newer facilty. Moral will definately go up.


Thanks for keeping this up, guys!! Help me keep it up for at least the end of the week so that everyone coming to visit can find the directions easily!!!!


TTT. Cam, I may be down at the beginning on FEB. I'll keep you posted.

lol cam's heart will always be in the barn :)


Email me, please. I have a link to send you to study.




John Wehby is tough.

Thank you, Charles. John Wehby is cool.

"What other martial arts are taught there? "

Shotokan, Shito-Ryu, kickboxing, cardio kickboxing, I think some Tai-Chi and maybe a few others...

"cool, and closer to me too"

Maybe a few miles... but not really enough to make a difference...

"Wish you the best of luck and you keep growing."


"Cam, I may be down at the beginning on FEB. I'll keep you posted."

Let me know!!!

"lol cam's heart will always be in the barn :)"

Charles is correct!!

"John Wehby is tough."

Brandon is correct.

"John Wehby is cool."

Joseph is also correct.

Thanks guys for keeping this up for me.


Many a fighter got his start in a barn.