Team CMC goes 7-3

Just wanted to say congrats to all my team mates who won this weekend. We had ten guys fighting friday and saturday. Saturday night in Calgary our guys went 5 and 0. Kevin Olson, Brent Smith, Matt Zorzetti and Travis Briere all won their fights topped off my Jesse Bongfedlt doing his thing and taking down Jason St. Louis. Jesse is a force to be reckoned with! At MFC friday night Dan Chambers knocked out Darren Apples and Brian Constant knocked out Nick Perry. Those two are warriors and carry heavy hands! Tim Tamaki lost to a very tough Chad Hamzeh the first time Tim has been Legitimately finished in a fight, congrats to Chad. Neil Berry stepped up HUGE to take on J-Mac when his fight fell through, Neil lost by rearnaked in the first but put up a good effert! Neil is never afraid to step up. And I lost to Victor Valimaki in the Main Event. It was a very tough loss for me to take, but it has just added fuel to the fire and has motivated me to no end. Congrats to Victor, I am sure we will meet again.

I am very proud of my team this weekend and for the year ( I think our record for the year was 71-36 I will double check that). Look out for CMC, hungrier than ever!

outstanding job all around, especially at Budo.

Over 100 fights so far this year???

Does that make you guys the most active team in Canada?

That's impressive...

congrats on having a well developed and dedicated fight team

stupied question #1
where is CMC located?

Basso they are located in Lethbridge.

Jay, thanks man, it was my goal to make it definitive with Tim as I know he has fought good guys like Greer and Louro and went the distance with them. Your whole team rocks, you guys stay active and always bring it. I look forward to making it down to Lethbridge to train sometime, would be fun.

Talk to you soon, congrats to your club.


chad your welcome anytime man. I am sure we have someplace for you to crash too. I have a wide selection of couches for you to chose from.

I should clarify the 71-36 for the year, we consider our fight year to start at the beginning of september to the end of august. I think we may be the most active fight team around yes.

CMC is in Lethbridge Basso
Canadian Martial Arts Center
You still looking for fights?

Lee Mein's team always comes to fight!