Team Quest Manual

Great stuff guys. Thanks for all the info.

lots of information and tips, to how they break down their nutrition guideline, to the psychological aspect of competition (ie visualization, focus, etc...), to the strength, conditioning, and cardio routines and guidelines you provide. Great stuff. A must have for serious competitors.

TTT-is this for sale on their web site?

It's for sale in their online store --

I have only read through mine once, but I wasnt too impressed with it.

It seems to be a manual that accompanies a seminar or workshop. Alone it seems incomplete.

There is basic nutrition information, some common motivational material, and some good breakdowns of sample warmups, but I felt the effort was inadequate.

For $19.95, I expected something more. For a product from Quest (a team of guys I really respect a lot), I expected a LOT more.

that's cuz you're already a step ahead of MOST people. They made this applicable to the everyday average joe as well as the athlete. the nutrition guideline and tips is perfect for me. Citing examples of meals and foods you can and can NOT eat.

it's not an instructional, it's a manual. what you putinto it is what you get, so i guess you are right...

i can guarantee you that if you follow their nutritional guide, visualization tips, and strength/conditioning/cardio drills, u will be a machine.

That is a good point, Kosta. You are definitely correct that if someone follows the manual to a T, they will get into great shape.

I think I was just expecting something a bit different from what I received. I do not regret buying it, however.

mine should get here soon, I'm looking forward to checking it out.

I have some real issues with the diet. the restricted protein/vegan diet seems a little counter to most sports nutrition information. and the acidity fixation could be taken from the gracie diet!

The gracies didnt' invent alkaline based diets!!!

They don't say NO protein, just focus most of your intake (approx. 70%) on veggies (greens).