Team Relson Gracie of Fairfax

Welcome to Team Relson Gracie!

We have expanded into Fairfax, Va

With 40 academies and associations located throughout the United States, Relson instructors are among the most experienced and disciplined in the world of Brazilian jiu jitsu. It is with this experience and dedication to training that the Relson Gracie Team is able to provide a diverse network of knowledge that is shared among its academies and associations.

Whether training for competitive Jiu Jitsu, Self –Defense, Mixed Martial Arts or to simply keep fit, Team Relson Gracie provides guidance, knowledge and commitment to each member so that everyone achieves success.

The tradition continues with Team Relson Gracie of Fairfax, also known as: IN-BASE JIU-JITSU

To help our expansion we will be running specials throughout the month of March. We welcome you to come try us out. we are located in Fairfax, va at 3887 pickett rd, fairfax, va 22031. Classes MON, Tues, Thurs from 8-10Pm and Sat 1-3 pm
check kaizen mma website as well coming soon...
for privates or more info on team Relson Gracie
email us at
for privates

Class tonight 8-10pm
3887 pickett rd fairfax, va 22031

Just found out that Toney and I ( Co-owners of Relson Gracie of Fairfax) will be going to the Rickson seminar at Pedro Sauer's new school in VA. I look forward to this event very much.
Pedro showed us a lot of support in the past. It an honor to return the favor.
Also some black belts coming in for the event will be stoping by our school the next day. It will be a good week of Jiu jitsu.

Class tonight Tuesday March 16 from 8-10 pm. Starting the new cardio program,
then toney will be teaching. see you on the mats

Good luck to christian this weekend with his first mma fight.