Team Shamrock's Training

I've been watching this season's Ultimate Fighter episodes and have been disappointed with Team Shamrock's training. I had anticipated seeing some of the Gotch-style conditioning (e.g. hindu squats, jump squats, hindu pushups, etc) and some catch-specific moves such as the leglocks/toeholds that Ken excelled at in Pancrase. I realize that there's not enough time on the show to film an entire training session, but I hoped to at least see glimpses of catch. Anyone else feel the same way?

Yeah, I thought he'd train them similar to how the Lion's Den training is always talked about. Brutal, non stop, getting your ass kicked training. Makes you wonder about all those nasty stories about the Lion's Den being true or hype.

I agree. I find Frank's coaching (at least from persona experience) to be
world's apart from what I've seen of Ken's coaching on TUF. It has
radically changed my views about Ken Shamrock...

I feel it is likely Ken abandoned the catch-style almost immediately after
leaving Pancrase now. :(

Well... That is something I actually agree with Jake.

I have never been a fan of Ken but I also kinda expected something different. But then again it is TV.


Funny Mike, I never knew you left Chicago to train with Frank Shamrock
too. Cool. Or are you agreeing with Ken Shamrock not really staying with
the catch training...?

Maybe he isn't taking it seriously, or trying to show his training methods to the public. In a way I am glad he isn't showing much conditioning.

Anyway, I already gave up on this show, it's as bad as the first 2 seasons. It's pretty bad.

Shit i dont love the show but i wont complain...any free MMA is good MMA.Ive watched numerous videos showing clips of the lion's den guys training and not ONE of them has Ken running training at all.Its always Vernon or Metzger,i doubt Ken is much involved or evolved:)

"I feel it is likely Ken abandoned the catch-style almost immediately after leaving Pancrase now. :("

This statement here is what I agree with.

You are correct I have never trained with Frank Shamrock. You are also correct I have never left Chicago to train with anyone for that matter.

Reylson Gracie, told me that ken learned some bjj from the machados, after royce beat him.
The only thing about the conditioning,I see. Would it be very effective in the short amount time they have to fight in.It seems that it would fatigue and leave the guys to sore to train .I never have fought in mma ,so I don't really know.This is just an amateur guess .However ,the golf thing freaking killed me.

Whats Franks dvds on sybmission like anyone seen them?

any comments?


Seen his seminar dvd,and it's not a tape full of holds ,but does more wrestling escapes etc.