team tompkins thread

I have a few sighed fighters with me right now that would vouch for patry and TKO including myself and everyone has been paied in full, give the guy a break, and if you wann your money go after it.

reads like both parties are drunk, nice work.....TTT

ttt for Tompkins

ttt for me having a drink :)

when you party like team tompkins 4:00 am is mid-night, except you should wait till morning to post threads on the internet.

What are you doing up at 4:35 am checking your computer every 10 minutes?

you are funny.

I think the more important question here is what exactly is Shawn Tompkins doing that he gets his fighters fights with TKO and they get paid when others are having problems. Tompkins obviously is doing something right for his fighters.

he what's up BSF it is the same time it was last night are you up? I am watching a claveau/jabouin fight on ucc 7 dvd with pecker and BB2 how was the strip joint?

BSK, how much do you weigh?

tdiddy is the fattest man I have ever seen.


That's saying alot because Dougie knows me.

JHR is pretty svelte.

Wanna sveel me ?

I don't sveel like it.

Settle down you disturbed bovine.