Team Tompkins weekend

Courtesy of Shawn Tompkins.

Congrats to the new C.M.T.A North American champion, Sam 'Hands of Stone' Stout, besting Sourikone from

Fairtex in the first fight and beating a tough Mexican fighter/amateur boxing champ in the final.

Congrats to the new Shooto Americas Lightweight Champion Jeff 'Big Frog' Curran with a great victory

in defeating Antonio Carvalho.

What a great week training the boys in Crystal Lake, very proud of you guys.

"Life is good when you're the champ; that is why I have no intentions of giving up the title any time soon"



Holy shit! Sam is unreal.

Solid performance
congrats on the win

Congrats Sam and Team Tompkins! What a freaking year for you guys, eh?

Great job guys !!!

F*ckin right!!!

U should see the belt, very nice!



Ronin MMA

Great night once again for Stout, thanks to all those who continue to show their support and also thanks to the haters who always push us to that next level. You make this way to easy...

Next year will promise to be an even bigger year for this Champion......