Team Usman prefers Luque over Edwards

Who deserves a future welterweight title fight more, Luque or Edwards?

Edwards all day. His last loss was in 2015, and surprise-surprise, it was against Usman. Good back story plus Edwards beat Luque some years back.



has been more active, took out a top guy in his outing, and actually has a win streak

Leon’s got a pretty crazy win streak, he’s just a lame fighter and likely won’t win the title.

The Luque fight is intriguing as hell though. I never paid much attention to the guy, meanwhile he’s out here racking up big name finishes.

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0 fight win streak

I dont think Edwards even has a top 10 win. He’s beat some big names but all in all hes a decision machine.

“Kamaru is done fighting for free” i.e he couldn’t draw a bath so hopefully his opponent can sell some ppv’s…

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You don’t think a KO win over Masvidal will change that?

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A win over Leon is still kinda a loss in PPV buys.

The big names he’s beaten are all washed guys like Dos Anjos, Cowboy, and Nate. And he never came close to finishing any of them. I’m sorry, but if u can’t finish Cowboy over five rounds, u ain’t the real deal.

Didn’t Luque just get worked by Wonderboy a couple fights ago, now he’s in contention for a title shot?? lol. Poor Wonderboy. That fuckin fluke Pettis KO really messed his career up.


Edwards poked a dude’s eyes out. I hope the UFC keeps screwing him, F Leon.

Leon lost to Masvidal after 3 piece and biscuit… give it to Luque after Colby.

Am I the only person who isn’t getting a word of sense from what Kamaru said? He wants Luque because… Leon needs to fight Masvidal at MSG? He’s implying that Leon needs a bigger name but then he calls out a guy who even less people know. I’m just confused by this whole thing and I don’t understand why even the champ wants to pass over Leon for like the 2nd or 3rd time.


Damn. Using your logic, Luque must be a terrible fighter because Edwards beat him already, and Edwards only beat Cowboy via decision.

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Edwards should get the next shot imo

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Leon is a talented guy with a great record however I get where Usman is coming from Luque is probably the better fight and easier to sell.

Leon would have been ideal for a title fight if the UFC were going to do a show in the UK now some of the restrictions are starting to lift.

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Luque is definitely lesser known than Edwards, especially after Leon fought Nate. Edwards is also on a much bigger win streak against better opponents. None of what Usman said makes any sense.


Edwards is a tougher fight because he has a style that won’t help Usman’s (AKA Snoozeman) brand.

If I was a betting man, I would bet all day that Usman would be more likely to finish Luque than Edwards. This isn’t a knock on Luque, but rather an assessment of styles.

I’m a huge fan of Luque and see him as a future title challenger with out without Usman’s comments. It sounds like you’re saying Usman is asking for an easier fight, do you think that’s the case? I thought that at first but then talked myself out of it.