Tech of the week - Oma Plata from side control

Here is a slick transition we like to use alot at VT-1 gym. It's very easy to hit especially on tight passers who like to hug the hip. Alot of the time they never see it coming.

Hope it works for you!

Liam Resnekov

Thanks for sharing that technique! I'll give it a go in class and see how it works.

That is nice I like it, thanks for posting it.

TravenBJJ - In my experience I have never seen this pulled off against a higher level belt

I think the omoplata from a high guard is much more worthwhile at that.

Been wondering where your technique of the week went! :-)

Traven that is a fair comment, except nino shrembri did it 2 months ago in a black belt match and i've done it and seen it done quite a few times. Let me say though it DOES rely on the type of pass the guy does. If he reverts straight into the reis style of passing you'll hit it almost every time.

Onnie804yamsaki check my last technique of the week for the omaplata recounter i'm pretty sure is unique.