Technique: Snatch Single

It works well against experienced grapplers as well. I used it to get a takedown in OT in my D2 regional championship in '92.

Technique: The Snatch Single

The snatch single is a takedown that relies on both speed and strength to successfully execute. The benefit of the snatch single is that it is a relatively low risk takedown since if you are unsuccesfull at the attempt you are not left in a compromising position.
First, your opponent must be in a staggered stance to execute the snatch single, but since 99% of all wrestlers use a staggered stance that is usually not an issue. You first lower your elevation and take a step to the outside of your opponents forward leg. Note: You are not going to the mat with you knee. Using your hands as hooks (cupping your hands, no thumbs) you grab the tendons behind is knee with both hands one insude, one outside. Your hands are acting like meat hooks, hooking into the back of his knee. You explode forward with your head up and driving it directly into his chest on the same side as you are taking the single. As you drive forward you "snatch" his leg up. Once his leg is off the ground you trap it between your legs and pinch them together to hold it up. At this time you should quickly modify your grip to a more conventional grip to prevent him from fighting his leg back to the mat. From this postiion you can use your favorite single leg finish to take him to the mat.
Keys: Driving the head into the opponents chest is the number one key to successfully executing this move. This will create the space you need to lift the leg and trap it between your legs. Secondly, You are always driving forward in this move, trying to snatch the leg and pull it back will not work. Third, once you have the leg off the mat you must trap it between your legs. You will not be able to snatch the opponents leg and lift it all the way up. The best you can hope for is to get the leg slightly off the mat while driving forward and then trap it between your legs.

Good luck, This is one of my favorite takedowns and if used properly with explosive speed and strength it is very effective.

Great move to use on people with a weak sprawl or against grapplers that don't have much wrestling experience.

Ive seen it used in NCAA finals, quite a bit actually. Iowa uses it probably more than any other shot, works best off an underhook.

Brett Matter won NCAAs for U Penn using mostly the snatch single off an underhook/shuck combination to set it up.

HWTs often use it as their main takedown since its not usually a good idea to go underneath (on your knees) against a 275 lbs wrestler.

Great job, MIKEHET.

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damn i need to see a video of that one