Tecia Torres previews her UFC 265 fight and talks mental health awareness

Tecia Torres knows first hand about a topic being widely talked about around the sports world right now.

It can’t be mentally healthy to punch air as much as she does.

At some point it’s got to drive you insane when you just can’t hit anything like in those weird dreams we all have.


It’s not good for my mental health to watch her “fight”.

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Brave, courageous and heroic

Let’s ask the real tough questions:

Tecia, what does Raquel taste like?


I really hope you are joking. If not, I won’t shit on your opinion of that. I just think those words get thrown out to much when people talk about their mental health publicly. As someone in the same shoes I find it off putting when people talk about it like they are making some huge difference by making people aware that they suffer so much. It’s like the woke thing to talk about it and have it. I feel sad for her cause that shit sucks but let’s be real it isn’t brave or courageous. Brave and courageous is putting your life on the line for your country and family. Or running on to a burning building to save someone’s life.
This reply wasn’t entirely directed at you it’s just everyone says how brave people are for speaking about it.

What do you think she taste like?

Yes, yes I am

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